Quote of the Day! – Southern Comfort

Now, if I was you all, I’d quit askin’ questions and haul ass… ’cause my buddies… dey not nice like me. ” – Don’t mess with cajuns in Southern Comfort (1981).

Brion James is such a bad motherfucker. Especially when he’s playing a one-armed Cajun trapper (whatever that is, he’s credited as such). Here he’s giving some good advice to some troops that have found themselves in all sorts of swamp-related bother with the local Cajun population.

One thought on “Quote of the Day! – Southern Comfort

  1. […] it also needs a second-in-command bad guy.  Usually a sadistic son of a bitch.  Requin (played by Brion James) is that character.  What makes him stand out though is his baffling English accent.  It’s […]

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