Slugs (1988) – review and full movie

Slugs (1988)

“So you weren’t kidding when you said we were going fishing.”

“That’s what I said, darn it!”

When that’s your opening exchange in a movie, and it’s delivered with all the acting prowess of a Paris Hilton understudy, you know the next ninety or so minutes are going to be a rough ride and for the first half of that, Slugs is utterly terrible.

Slugs movie
I’m detecting hints of…. SLUG!

As the title suggests, this is a film about killer gastropods.  A horde of mutated slugs escaping from a toxic sewer and killing anything they happen to crawl into.  The 70s in particular saw a lot of this nonsense with films like Squirm and The Killer Bees but slugs seem a particularly hard sell when it comes to horror and for the first few kills you don’t really see anything and you expect the rest of the film to go that route as slugs are nearly impossible to make scary.

Creature 1985

This soon changes though and the second half of the film is pretty horrific at times. Admittedly most of the deaths are due to people not just running the fuck away but watching them die as if they were in a piranha movie is suitably gory.

The plot of course is utterly throwaway with the running them being a guy telling everyone that mutated slugs are killing people and those people saying ‘you’re crazy’ and ignoring him. If you’ve ever seen this type of film before though you can guess roughly how it’s all going to end and indeed at the end of the film I wasn’t hating it.

None of the cast went on to do anything of note and the film’s utterly inappropriate score (which sounds like a terrible TV cop series) doesn’t help the tension but if you’re looking for something cheap and disposable, this is worth the time investment.

The film is up on Netflix right now and available in its entirity on Youtube. Crikey!


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