Cop (1988) – Full Movie

James Woods- Cop 1988
James Woods

James Woods (the star of Cop) is one of our top five actors.  He may well be some sort of cuddly lawyer or something in Shark these days (don’t know, haven’t watched it) and a figure of fun in Family Guy but back in the ’80s he was one of the most edgy and intense actors you could find.  Even his scenes in The Specialist make that movie worth a watch.

This maverick cop thriller is something of an underrated gem and is notable for having the most spoilerific Trailer of all time (grrr!) but you don’t need to worry about that as some kind soul has splashed the whole thing up on Youtube.  Neat!

It’s certainly worth a watch. It’s a dark tale that’s more than a little uncomfortable but is elevated by Woods’ performance. It’s the typical post-Dirty Harry ‘cop on the edge’ tale but for our money, no-one does this sort of thing better than Woods.

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