The Three Storms from John Carpenter’s masterful Big Trouble in Little China (1986) are some of the scariest guys you’ll see in a fight flick (although Big Trouble is much more than just that).

Lightning’s the best though. Midway Games certainly thought so as he went on to inspire Raiden from the Mortal Kombat games and the excellent special effects crew on the film did a great job of animating ‘all dat juice’ as they like to say these days.

Lightning, ladies and gentlemen.

3 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. Still never watched this.

  2. No way!!! It’s wonderful. I reckon it’d stand up to a first time viewing no problem even now.

  3. […] After some near-death encounters, Eddie realises that Sammi’s spirit is contained within the music and is causing all the trouble. Eddie wants out but Sammi is kind of a dick and eventually finds his way out into the world where he uses electricity to control cars and machines and also as a weapon. This film came out the same year as Big Trouble in Little China and shares some very similar effects to those that we saw on Lightning, our favourite of the Three Storms. […]

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