Creature (1985)

Creature (1985)

“First you die. . .Then the terror begins”

Coming some six years after its obvious inspiration, Alien, you’d expect Creature to have borrowed a few tricks from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece but alas Creature’s bad acting, unconvincing sets and piss-poor monster feel more like a Star Trek episode albeit with a weird, rapey German thrown in for good measure.

Creature 1985

Precious moments captured forever.

Oddly, Prometheus seems to have unintentionally borrowed a few ideas from the film though with a bafflingly inconsistent alien that seems to have various different ways of getting you and some similar ideas around the origin of it and the reason why they are even there (‘there’ being Titan, one of the moons of Saturn).

However, Creature barely even passes as an interesting curio and is well worth avoiding.

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