Worryingly Bleak Deaths of the 80s #6 – Creepshow 2

the-raft-1As much as we LOVE a good portmanteau, it has to be said that Creepshow 2 isn’t the best one ever.  It does however escape without having a truly bad story in it and while it never quite hits the heights set by the first film, it’s most memorable tale, The Raft, was pretty damn good.

It tells the tale of four college students, two males and two females, who represent all the genre archetypes: the douchey twat, the sensitive one, the slutty one and the bookish good girl.

the-raft-3We are introduced to them as they drive out to the water (with generic rock music playing) to get on a raft that one of them had previously found on a lake.  As they swim to the lake, they notice a small oil slick.  Randy (the sensitive one, although he turns out to be a bit molesty later) is creeped out by it but eventually the drugs come out and they start partying.

The oil slick isn’t playing along though and it EATS one of the girls, group twat Deke decides it is time to swim back to the shore but before he can the slick touches his foot by coming up through a gap in the raft.  Unfortunately for him, that is all the slick needs to ruin his day.

the-raft-4At this point Deke is legit fucked and is pulled through the tiny gap, his other leg eventually ending up pressed against his torso as he eventually passes through into the slick.  It’s entirely gross but, to be fair, Stephen King made it a lot slower and more awful in the book so be thankful the film didn’t go that far.


You can watch the whole sorry tale here.

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