The Hitcher (1986) – Full Movie

As featured in our worrying bleak deaths of the 80s series, we bring you the frankly awesome The Hitcher starring that bloke from the Guinness adverts.

The Hitcher box art. Get this one. Not the one with Sean Bean on it.

You’ve probably heard of him, Rutger Hauer. And as usual, and in an incredibly understated way, he conveys so much menace from so little.

Every part as malevolent as his portrayal of a killer robot in Blade Runner earlier in the same decade. Forget the Terminator, Roy Batty scared us more. Those of you familiar with Spielberg’s directorial debut Duel will recognise similar themes, only instead of a killer truck, you have Rutger.

The film also features C. Thomas Howell and Jennifer Jason Leigh (of Fast Times At Ridgemont High).

Watch and marvel at how ace this is. Although you’ll never want to pick up a hitchhiker again, though if you’re anything like us you ignore them 99% of the time anyway.

The Hitcher (1986) – IMDB

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