Quote of the Day! – Robocop

Paul Verhoeven’s depiction of a dystopian future Detroit lives long in the memory of every true ’80s action movie fan.

Robocop (1987) is a special film.  Equal parts action film, revenge thriller, black comedy and social commentary, it tells a tale of individual spirit versus corporate greed.  And while the individual spirit part of that is covered by the titular Robocop (Officer Alex J. Murphy as played by Peter Weller), the corporate greed part is shared by the various high-flying executives in the movie, including Morton.

Morton is a young, ambitious executive who works hard and parties harder.  He’s owned by Clarence Boddicker, a ruthless crime boss, but is also committed to the success of the Robocop project.

Our quote today comes from the moment where Murphy wakes up and sees him (through some serious scanlines).

morton Robocop 1987
Morton, looking suspiciously like the weird comic shop guy in Big Bang Theory.

“You’ are gonna be a bad motherfucker!”

To be fair, Morton was quite right.

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