Quote of the Day! – Near Dark

Near Dark (1987). wasn’t exactly a box office smash but this vampire/western/road movie hybrid has a huge cult appeal now. At the core of the film is the vampire family of Jesse, the maternal but murderous Diamondback (Jenette Goldstein), the old vampire in a kid’s body Homer and young Mae and this line pops up when they decide to visit a local biker bar for roughly eight pints of something to drink.

Near Dark is loaded with great lines and we’ll no doubt visit the movie again but this is today’s choice.

“What do you people want?

Jesse:  Just a couple more minutes of your time, about the same duration as the rest of your life.”

Lance Henriksen is creepy enough when he’s just being Lance Henriksen, let alone when he’s being the 100 year old vampire, Jesse.

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