Quote of the Day – Near Dark

near darkOh man, Near Dark is so good.  This 1987 vampire road movie did particularly badly in the cinema but has since established itself as a VHS and DVD classic thanks mainly to being unbelievably ace and for having a mini Aliens cast reunion.

It’s full of memorable moments and great lines but in honour of the late, and very great, Bill Paxton who sadly passed this week, we wanted to highlight his fantastic performance as Severen, one of the coolest screen vampires to have ever bitten a trucker.

There are plenty of candidates for quote of the day from from Severen in the film but our favourite quote around here is the following (typically obscure one).

Sarah Colton: Boy, you people sure stay up late.

Severen: We keep odd hours.

RIPI Bill.  You were a straight up legend.



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