Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – Pilot (1979) – Full Movie

We loved Buck Rogers. Even if it felt like we were watching the same few episodes over and over again. Though that might have had more to do with the fact they recycled the same futuristic cityscape footage time and again.

So we bring you the pilot episode complete with the awesome opening sequence and theme tune. Plus Twiki, Dr Huer and Wilma Deering (in those jumpsuits!). Seriously. Even Gil Gerard as the titular hero was ace.

Twiki was always cooler than C3PO, even then. Maybe it was the fact he had an attitude, though it probably helped he was voiced by Mel Blanc, the same guy that gave us pretty much every single Looney Tunes character (Bugs, Daffy, Marvin Martian, Sylvester etc).

Kick back like it’s the early 80s and this is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen. Heck, as an eight year old at the time, everything was incredible. Enjoy!

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