Axe Attack #1 – Back To The Future

It’s a new year and time for a new series we’re calling ‘Axe Attack’ where we look at the role of the guitar in some of our favourite ’80s flicks.  It’s a bit like the T8MC On Gangs thing we did a while back but with musical instruments as opposed to street gangs dressed like idiots.

First up is the brilliant Michael J. Fox as he goes full-on shred crazy during Johnny B. Goode.  We love this scene – it’s arguably the best bit of a great movie – and indeed we don’t like BTTF2 because he doesn’t play guitar in it anymore.

During this scene, Marty introduces the class of ’55 to rock and roll and then ’80s-style guitar shredding.  They aren’t ready for it but we love it.


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